natalie c.

As an advocate for diversity in dialogue, Natalie believes in starting conversations about the complexities of race, gender, and social order, especially pertaining to current affairs. Most active at night, she can be found scrolling endlessly through Wikipedia until 3am, or making surrealist art.

This Female CEO is Fighting Sexual Violence with 80,000 Data Points

Australian-based crowdsourcing platform She’s A Crowd reveals a never-before-seen glimpse of the violence and harassment women and girls experience in cities worldwide. We sat down with CEO Zoe Condliffe who is spearheading the call to action in making our cities safer.
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3 Essential Ways to Identify Fake News

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, fake news is perpetuating a misinformed, contradictory myriad of ‘facts’ in an already difficult situation. “Fake news” is a term for false information, from news to stories and hoaxes created to deliberately misinform or deceive readers – and it’s not a new phenomenon. From your morning breakfast show segment and selection of broadsheets to the evening news and even e-mail, the 24-hour cycle of information rapidly circulating media platforms is notoriously difficu

How is Technology is Changing Sex?

Sextech expert Bryony Cole shares exclusive insights into the radical impact technology has had on intimacy, from stigma to pornography. When you first hear the term ‘sextech,’ you probably think of Tinder, VR pornography, or even robot girlfriends. And while you’re not wrong (meet Harmony, the world’s first AI sex robot), you’re also not right. In her interview with Dynamic Business, Australian podcaster and entrepreneur Bryony Cole explained, “Often, when people think of sextech, they just

Taiwanese Startup Invents Smart Life-Saving Systems

Kristy Yeoh, the co-founder behind Taiwan’s award-winning smart building tech startup Nestech, is saving lives – and opening doors to a smarter city with IoT, 5G and edge computing. Having just recently won the ‘Smart City’ category at the 2020 CES Innovation Awards, it’s clear that Nestech, an ICT integration company specialising in access control solutions, has ambitious plans for Taiwan’s skyscrapers in the future. Of the hotel automation and smart tech group’s four founders, three are en

This Startup Convinced Burger King to Back Its Meatless Burger

Nick Hazell, the founder of food startup v2food, talks through the invention of his plant-based patties that fooled even the CEO of Burger King Australia into thinking they were real meat. Ex-aerospace engineer Nick Hazell has been working in food innovation for most of his life. But, as far as he sees it now, there is really one standout question that pioneers like himself should be addressing. “Meat consumption per capita is going up dramatically, but the ability to source that demand from

8 Netflix Shows That All Entrepreneurs Should Watch

Enjoy Hive Life’s curation of 8 wildly inspiring and provocative Netflix shows for your entrepreneurial sensibilities, straight from the comfort of your couch. Everyone loves a good story – especially Hollywood. After all, who doesn’t love plugging into an underdog’s journey to success, especially when the odds are so highly stacked against them? With that in mind, we’ve collated some of our favourite movies, documentaries and tv shows that truly evoke the entrepreneurial spirit. Some are incre

Codeillusion: Teaching Kids To Learn To Code with Disney

Partnering with Disney, Life is Tech CEO Satoshi Miyagawa has created educational platform Codeillusion, teaching a whole generation of children to code the fun way. “The spread of computers and the Internet will put jobs in two categories: People who tell computers what to do, and people who are told by computers what to do” Founded in 2010, Life is Tech is the largest IT education provider in Japan, having spent over 10 years providing courses for over 50,000 students ages 10 to 18 as well

5 Unusual Household Items to Recycle

Looking for a new way to go green? We’ve put together 5 unusual household items that you could recycle, from gently used lingerie to cute baby clothes that your children have outgrown. Singapore’s 2030 sustainability goal to reduce food waste and leverage technology to transform agriculture has been reinforced by its ban on plastic straws, the launch of the National Recycling Programme, and a reduction of single-use plastics. To play your part, give away or donate your unwanted items and contri

3 Strategies to Motivate Your Remote Team

When the majority, if not all, your employees are telecommuting, it can be hard to motivate your remote team, let alone manage your own time. Here are 3 top strategies to drive performance for an increasingly normalised remote workforce. As we rapidly enter a virtualised workforce, the corporate hierarchies we’ve grown accustomed to are flattening out as the modern workplace continues to grow in popularity, offering employees a better work-life balance, diversification, and flexibility. But wit

How to Make Your Own DIY Hand Sanitiser

Can’t find hand sanitiser at your local pharmacy? Here’s a DIY guide on how to make your own hand sanitiser to keep your hands squeaky clean. With concerns about COVID-19 running high, it’s unsurprising that hand sanitiser has become difficult – if not impossible – to find. So, in case your local supermarket has run out of disinfectants and you’d like a quick spray-to-go, here is our easy guide on how to make your own hand sanitiser from the comfort of your home. 1. Take your clean soap bott